Massages, yoga and meditation

It is September 2019 when we meet Valérie DESCHAMPS during our first yoga class: a duo yoga class, a need for me to put an end to chronic back problems and a deep desire to share this moment together for Gilles.

We both discovered much more there: an awareness of our bodies, a significant improvement in back pain, better stress management and a meeting, that of Valérie.

It is therefore quite natural that we wanted to offer its services to the estate.

It was in India that Valérie discovered yoga, ayurveda and meditation.

Graduated in these three disciplines, she has worked for 15 years with adults and children.


We have chosen to allow you to discover or rediscover these three disciplines when you come to the estate.

You can, if you wish, practice yoga or meditation in individual classes or with your friends or family. Parent / child yoga classes are also possible.


As for massages, I can only recommend Valérie’s fairy fingers.


Abhyanga massage is an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine.


Abhyanga means whole body oil massage. It is a relaxing and finalizing massage, which can be invigorating and rhythmic and which aims at relaxation, improving digestion and blood circulation.


And so that you can benefit from it in the best conditions, a room is entirely dedicated to these different practices. You can fully relax in a calm and soothing place.

In other words, you will be able to fully benefit from Valérie’s know-how, while your other half takes care of the children !!! 😉

And if you want to go further in these different disciplines, we organize yoga weekends where you are fully supported by Valérie and by us to allow you to live a unique experience where you can discover or perfect your yoga heritage and of meditation. All levels are welcome.

With Valérie, we wish to favor small groups so that you can fully enjoy these moments of sharing with her but also with the rest of the group.

Our first session, which took place at the end of September, was experienced by the participants but also by us as a parenthesis, a bubble of relaxation and disconnection that made us all want to start this adventure again.

So if you are interested, stay tuned for the next newsletters, you will find the date of the next retreat there.

Thank you for your attention and see you soon 🙂


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