Who says novelty says presentation!


We couldn’t start this new adventure without telling you a little more about us and the estate.

We are Noé, Lise and Gilles.

The estate is this beautiful and great lady, built in 1791 and who has since had the opportunity to live through the lives of many people.
We are honored to continue its history through ours and to give it back perhaps its initial function.
Many elements and testimonies tend to say that our house was when it was built a hostel where passing travelers came to find shelter and lodging.
We only got this information after the purchase: should we see it as a good sign?
For now I want to say yes to you

This project was born when we were still only newlyweds, almost parents and both employees.
A deep desire to change my life, to offer something else to our little girl who would see the light of day a few months later.
A year of visiting and a few real estate agents later, we found our dream home. The one that would welcome our home but also our professional life, the one that would welcome you.
Once the administrative procedures were completed, we began work to finally create our first accommodations, two lodgings.

We received our first travelers on June 29, 2017 and what a sensation to feel for the first time in my place professionally. This feeling that this job was obvious and that the field had to be developed.
It is therefore with a determination stronger than ever that we have decided to expand the domain. Each year we did additional work.
Until the day when this passion became contagious and Gilles wanted to join me in the activity, this time to start a new stage in our project and make the domain our work together.
Today the estate consists of 5 guest rooms and a lodge.

We wanted this place to be a place of calm and rest, a place where couples in love, groups of friends or families can meet.
We wanted this place in our image, a place of sharing where everyone can come and recharge their batteries.


We are touched to contribute to the realization of your vacation memories, those moments of life that will be forever etched in your memories and in your family albums.
For those we have already had the chance to meet, we hope to see you again very soon.
As for the others, we can’t wait to meet you.

See you soon.


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