Introducing the region to our travelers is not just about indicating the most beautiful spots to visit or the best hikes to do even if this remains a must, it is also about making you discover all the richness of our region and in particular its culinary richness. .
We are committed to offering you the most complete stays possible so that your experience with us is the most unforgettable.

We offer you the discovery of regional products to drink and eat throughout the day.

I feel obliged to start with our regional must-haves: Norman cheeses.
Every morning but also for lunch or dinner we invite you to discover three Norman cheeses: Camembert, Pont l’Evêque and Livarot. In the form of boards or raclettes (yes, yes raclettes, these three cheeses are a delight once melted).

Other typical products of our region: seafood. They are an integral part of Norman culture. We are a stone’s throw from the sea and have chosen to work directly with a family fishmonger’s offering the product of their catch every morning.
We offer two kinds of seafood platters.

Finally, we also offer starters, main courses and desserts prepared by a Caennais chef. These dishes are cooked with local and seasonal products and packaged in jars. In self-service you can taste them at the time of your choice.

Drinks are also mostly local and organic products: apple juice, cider, calvados, komboucha…

The only departure from our chauvinism (lol)… wine.
We love our region but we must also recognize that it is not made to produce the good wines that we like to offer you.
On the other hand, we are no exception to the rule of offering you healthy and natural products.
At the estate, you will only find natural wines chosen (and tasted by us of course!!😉) to allow you to sublimate the dishes we offer.
What are natural wines?
These are wines to which no chemical input (or in a reasoned way) is added to the soil (grape growing) or to the vat (vinification).
They are lively, melodious wines that make us discover another way of tasting wine and appreciating all its subtleties.
Why natural wines: because we want to work with winegrowers who are committed to respecting the land, the planet and indirectly us.

All these products are available on order until the same day, except for the drinks which are already available in the relaxation area.

So if we do a little summary?
Staying at the Domaine de l’Hostellerie means sleeping in a house that is several hundred years old, renovated with love to bring you the perfect combination of history and modernity, it means enjoying convivial or more intimate moments according to your desires during breakfast accompanied by fresh local and often homemade products, it means being able to have lunch or dinner directly on site because you want to take advantage of a day strolling around the swimming pool as a couple or because you want to dine by candlelight on the terrace with your lover or lover while the children are in bed.
It also means enjoying a massage given by fairy hands or sharing a playful moment with your children during a parent/child yoga class.

So, you like it? 😉

New for 2022: the swimming pool and its enclosure


We had been dreaming about it for a long time without ever daring to think about it and well it’s done the swimming pool and its shelter await you at the Domaine.

Facing south, the swimming pool is heated and covered.
The shelter will allow you to enjoy it during the cooler periods of the year.

Why a swimming pool?
Because we must not hide it, it is a service highly sought after by our travelers who want to be able to enjoy their holidays as they should be.
Because the temperatures in Normandy are becoming milder and the use of a swimming pool no longer seems to be reserved for the summer months alone.

Why shelter?
The shelter meets several of our criteria.
The first is the safety of our customers. We often think of the youngest among them, but adults are just as concerned.
The shelter provides protection against any fall into the water and thus allows everyone to be safe in outdoor spaces.
The second is using the pool for as long as possible. Indeed, the shelter allows you to swim in the rain or at low temperatures. Swimming under the shelter is like swimming in a cocoon. We feel protected there and having tested it in rainy weather it is quite magical.
The third is energy saving. The shelter allows both to keep clean water, the filtration system is less stressed and to heat the water. The shelter has a greenhouse effect which, in contact with the sun, helps maintain the water temperature (between 28 and 30 degrees), the heat pump works much less and the pool water is heated in part thanks to the sun .
So yes, I grant you, a swimming pool is not very eco-responsible and it was a real questioning during our reflection.
We have therefore sought to design the swimming pool as well as possible so that it does not consume too much water or too much electricity.
The shelter was a response to our requirements. Another point was retained, that of a swimming pool of reasonable size and reasonable depth to limit water consumption.

I hope this little extra will make you want to come and discover or rediscover our Estate.


Christmas in Calvados

I don’t know about you, but for us there is like a party area at the estate, the house is fully decorated, the exteriors shine with a thousand lights, we are finally ready to take full advantage of this magical period.
We can’t wait to reconnect with the steaming cinnamon chocolates, waffles and mulled wine.
Calvados, like every year, organizes many activities for the end of year celebrations and as we want to share with you, here are some ideas for activities for young and old to do in Calvados:
Christmas markets in Caen and Bayeux
the illuminations of Bayeux Cathedral: projection of sound and light on the nave and choir of the cathedral
Enchanted Christmas at the Château de Canon: visit of the castle, life-size nativity scene, discovery of Father Christmas’s house, storytelling, shows or crafts with the family from 3 years old
“Alice in Wonderland” exhibition at Château de Falaise
the illuminated villages of the Normandy Bocage
This list is obviously not exhaustive and you can consult the Normandy tourism website for more information:

Enough to fill your stay with family or friends and if we add our good Norman raclettes and our seafood platters … what more could you ask for !!

We wish you all happy holidays

Massages, yoga and meditation

It is September 2019 when we meet Valérie DESCHAMPS during our first yoga class: a duo yoga class, a need for me to put an end to chronic back problems and a deep desire to share this moment together for Gilles.

We both discovered much more there: an awareness of our bodies, a significant improvement in back pain, better stress management and a meeting, that of Valérie.

It is therefore quite natural that we wanted to offer its services to the estate.

It was in India that Valérie discovered yoga, ayurveda and meditation.

Graduated in these three disciplines, she has worked for 15 years with adults and children.


We have chosen to allow you to discover or rediscover these three disciplines when you come to the estate.

You can, if you wish, practice yoga or meditation in individual classes or with your friends or family. Parent / child yoga classes are also possible.


As for massages, I can only recommend Valérie’s fairy fingers.


Abhyanga massage is an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine.


Abhyanga means whole body oil massage. It is a relaxing and finalizing massage, which can be invigorating and rhythmic and which aims at relaxation, improving digestion and blood circulation.


And so that you can benefit from it in the best conditions, a room is entirely dedicated to these different practices. You can fully relax in a calm and soothing place.

In other words, you will be able to fully benefit from Valérie’s know-how, while your other half takes care of the children !!! 😉

And if you want to go further in these different disciplines, we organize yoga weekends where you are fully supported by Valérie and by us to allow you to live a unique experience where you can discover or perfect your yoga heritage and of meditation. All levels are welcome.

With Valérie, we wish to favor small groups so that you can fully enjoy these moments of sharing with her but also with the rest of the group.

Our first session, which took place at the end of September, was experienced by the participants but also by us as a parenthesis, a bubble of relaxation and disconnection that made us all want to start this adventure again.

So if you are interested, stay tuned for the next newsletters, you will find the date of the next retreat there.

Thank you for your attention and see you soon 🙂


Who says novelty says presentation!


We couldn’t start this new adventure without telling you a little more about us and the estate.

We are Noé, Lise and Gilles.

The estate is this beautiful and great lady, built in 1791 and who has since had the opportunity to live through the lives of many people.
We are honored to continue its history through ours and to give it back perhaps its initial function.
Many elements and testimonies tend to say that our house was when it was built a hostel where passing travelers came to find shelter and lodging.
We only got this information after the purchase: should we see it as a good sign?
For now I want to say yes to you

This project was born when we were still only newlyweds, almost parents and both employees.
A deep desire to change my life, to offer something else to our little girl who would see the light of day a few months later.
A year of visiting and a few real estate agents later, we found our dream home. The one that would welcome our home but also our professional life, the one that would welcome you.
Once the administrative procedures were completed, we began work to finally create our first accommodations, two lodgings.

We received our first travelers on June 29, 2017 and what a sensation to feel for the first time in my place professionally. This feeling that this job was obvious and that the field had to be developed.
It is therefore with a determination stronger than ever that we have decided to expand the domain. Each year we did additional work.
Until the day when this passion became contagious and Gilles wanted to join me in the activity, this time to start a new stage in our project and make the domain our work together.
Today the estate consists of 5 guest rooms and a lodge.

We wanted this place to be a place of calm and rest, a place where couples in love, groups of friends or families can meet.
We wanted this place in our image, a place of sharing where everyone can come and recharge their batteries.


We are touched to contribute to the realization of your vacation memories, those moments of life that will be forever etched in your memories and in your family albums.
For those we have already had the chance to meet, we hope to see you again very soon.
As for the others, we can’t wait to meet you.

See you soon.